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burhop-whiteWelcome to my Maker Engineer website,burhop135

I like to make things… a lot of things. I got bored the other day and created this site.

Beyond that, I try to limit myself to 3DPrinting, Arduino, 3D software, Raspberry Pi, computer controlled machining, mobile device software, websites, wine, beer,  robots, cars, and about a dozen computer languages. In my free time, I do a bit of blogging.

If you meet me on the internet, you will probably know me from the picture on the left. It started as a joke when I set up my first Twitter account and gave them my “avatar” picture from Second Life.  My friends kept it going in their posts somehow missing my face with their photos or doing a bit of photoshop. At one point someone said I was made up by marketing :-)

Oh, the good old days of internet anonymity.

Today, it is a bit harder to hide.  Here is a video done by Dora Smith on why I became an engineer. Or you can hop over to my Linkedin profile for a proper professional image.

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